Dhol beats

However, the major beast of Dhol includes Tamaal, Lehriya, Bhangra and Chaal. In these beats, the most commonly played beat is Chaal, which can be combined with other beats to modify the tempo and rhythm. Similarly, other beats such as Sial Koti and Mirza are related with particular dances. Beats can be trasfered and taught via verbal bols, which shows various sounds. For instance, Ge,Na and dha stand for the bass hit and treble hit and both are played equally. The best part is if you can learn the instrument well, you will be able to create amazing music with the help of dhol.

Dhol drum

Traditionally, Dhol comes in all sizes and shapes. From bright fiberglass to dark wood, round barrel shaped shells to tall cylindricalones; the market provides a huge range to prefer from. The different kinds of wood such as Shesham, ambh and talli have featured properties, which can spoil the sound, weight and so on. There is a huge demand for unpainted and unstained shells to showcase the organic wood.

Dhol skins

Generally, both the treble and bass heads are made from goatskin and tied up across both the side of the Dhol shell. To that skin and their tone, the cotton rope is molded over the skins to give a means of regulating the tensions. Present trend has renovated the goatskin treble head with an artificial plastic heads, which are tightened with bolts and nuts. Hence, each dhol has its unique style, which comes from an ancient days and personal settings.

Some of the popular names include Ustad Mali Ram, Pappu Sain, Garib Dass and much more. Apart from India, the Dhol plays a very crucial role in Pakistan and also in Middle East. It is only organic that as they move via such a diverse linguistic places that there will appear major modifications in nomenclature and pronunciation. All of these are impressive, but it becomes clear that they are culturally, geographically and historically at the effective boundaries of Dhol.

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