The hand-pumped harmonium was created by Dwakranath Ghose so that the instrument could be played while the player was sitting down on the floor. The foot-pumped harmonium is not played in India but predates the Indian version. It was invented by Alexandre Debain in 1842. The popular Indian version used in Hindusthani, Sufi, Qawwali, music and other music schools prevalent in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. is hand pumped.

Construction and structure of a standard harmonium

Harmonium, consists of a bank of brass metal tongues that vibrate called reeds when air flows over them. There is a pumping apparatus for pumping in air and then passing it over the reeds. There are also stops for drones and a keyboard. The Harmonium can be compared to an organ and its functioning can be compared to the accordion. It is a pump organ and is also called a melodeon. As it is constructed with wood except the pump finding a harmonium involves a good check of the construction materials used. The craftsmanship is also important as it has several parts that need to come together.

Buying Your own personal and perfect harmonium

The finer harmoniums have a unique tone, and the user will keep coming back to an instrument that they can sing with or play to their satisfaction even if they own several harmoniums. Buying a harmonium outside India like in countries like UK, does mean you have more choice if you buy harmonium online, than offline. However, in countries in the Indian peninsula, especially in India, all music shops will offer harmoniums. You can buy harmonium online from India and have them shipped to the country of your choice.

Playing the harmonium and the various harmonium types

You have taken up the challenge of learning a musical instrument and decided to buy harmonium online or you have gone and found out a harmonium shop UK that either stocks or is able to source a harmonium for you. Now you need to start playing. In a hand-pumped harmonium, the player pushes and pulls THE bellows back and forth with one hand, blows the air. You can usually only use one hand to play the keys. In India and that is used in the religious field, in classical music, in folklore and for playing within the family. So take the decision to connect with Indian music and buy harmonium online or from a harmonium shop uk and start playing. The only thing to keep in mind is that especially when buying without playing it first that your online shop gives you a chance to test it before you are totally commited to the sale.