The Rhythm and the beat

Dha dhin Ga, Ka, Na, TiRaKita, tin, If you are a lover of Indian music in any form these familiar beats will move you to drum them only if only in your mind. The tabla is omnipresent in Indian music whether it is a child learning vocals or an Indian Rock music band.

Construction and materials

The tabla is a membranophone percussion instrument. It consists of a pair of drums. The dayan and the bayan, standing for left and right. The dayan is played by the right hand and the bayan with the left hand, for people who are right handed. The drum has a goat skin membrane pulled tight, and covered by another skin. Both have a gab or black spot in the middle of the membrane made of rice flour and iron filings. This is what gives each table it’s distinctive sound.

The various genres of music

There are various genres of music including western fusion which use this instrument as background music. In Indian classical even music dance and vocals call for the tabla – player. So do qawwali, Thumri, Dadra, Ghazal. Though the tabla is very popular in North India, it is also well known in South Indian orchestras now. The most famous of Tabla players like Zakir Hussain draw full houses for solo concerts of this instrument.

Buying an instrument

Buying an instrument sight unseen is dicey, so it is always better to buy from a trusted source and if you can visit a Tabla shop UK, it makes the whole process easier. Also a good Tabla shop UK would visit India and buy from trusted shops and artisans rather than just blindly over the phone. If you are unable to buy directly from a shop you may decide to buy online from sellers who can deliver to your door step and who will give you support even after the sale and delivery.

In conclusion

When we talk about the conclusion then you can say that learning or continuing to play a musical instrument throughout your life can create beautiful moments and be stress – buster, ice breakers and just friendship builders when you go for jamming sessions. The table is an instrument that can be played throughout one’s life and in a variety of events and forms of music. The tabla is played with rock, pop, Indian Classical and many other forms of music. This instrument has bought music and joy to many countries and people over the centuries. Standalone concerts by musicians like Zakir Hussain are crowd pullers all over the world including in UK and USA. This is indeed a versatile instrument and a mascot of Indian music in general in countries outside India.