Information on Indian Musical Instruments

The Sitar and its impact on popular music

Historical Background

This well flourished instrument took birth in early 16th and 17th Century. Sitar has got a famous popularity since then. It is known for about 400 years. It is derived and modified from the ancient musical instrument called Veena. Not only the Indians but also the Mughal were totally hypnotized with the charm of sitar. Tansen being one of the ancient elite musicians of Indian musical culture also found to be connected with the discovery of this instrument. Persian musical culture also plays a very important role to play sitar for its euphoric discovery.

Musical Attributes Involved

Sitar is made from the “toomba” which is one hallowed out dried pumpkin and the “Jawari” which is known as bridge that attached with it to control the tune and the tone. In Sitar, you will find 21 to 23 strings which produce the most beautiful and melodious sound. The tune and melody produced by this instrument is very adorable and beautiful. But to produce this it needs very efficient and productive practice.

Eminent Influence Attached With

Late Pundit Ravi Shankar has made this instrument popular to the entire universe. Ustad Vilayat Khan is another master who has created a rage about this tool during 1951. Brian Jones who is one of the most eminent musicians of the group “The Rolling Stones” is also the person behind the extraordinary popularity of this tuneful instrument.

Internet Advancement

Music always freshens up our mind and soul and Sitar is one of such marvelous tuneful instruments that produce the same tune. With the online site like Guru Soundz of London, to get the best one is now very easy and hassle free. The team involved in this company believes in providing the handpicked and also the best instrument from India, which is potentially possible to be linked with the ultimate best in its domain. Thus if collecting the Indian Musical Instruments is one’s hobby, then they are the prestigious and excellent solutions.

Guide before buying

Before buying always check for any loose parts. A well-made sitar is not only a decoration piece. It is always painted toward the perfection. If the tuners don’t stay in its own place, there are chances to get ripped off. Buy good and authentic sitars for Sitar shop UK.


Knowing about the most popular musical instruments of India

India has a rich cultural, and due to that, you can find a number of beautiful musical instruments, where you can play a lot of melodious music. There are also a number of popular Indian musical instruments, which are not known to common people, but has given birth to a number of musical instruments, which are widely used nowadays. All the musical instruments, which you can find would can be helpful for the musicians in some way or the other. But there are some very common musical instruments, which are very popular and are still used nowadays, either for learning the basics of music, for making fusion with other genre of songs, or simply to cover a number of old songs that has been played in the past.

The Harmonium

As far as musical instruments of India is concerned, the harmonium should come at the first place due to the versatility of the instrument. If you look at the eastern part of India, harmonium is an Indian musical instrument, which is present in almost all the families of eastern part of India. But apart from that, it is also one of the biggest assets of all the musicians and singers, not only in India, but also in the other parts of the world, especially in the UK and the US. Harmonium can be used to play almost all kind of music, which makes the instrument the most versatile musical instrument.

The Flute

If any musical instrument deserves mention after the mighty harmonium, it should go to the wooden flute. The wooden flute is a musical instrument, which can be used in a number of soft musical genres, in most parts of India. But you can even find a number of Indian and UK-based musicians, who cover a number of English songs, with the help of a flute, and the music turns out to be very melodious due to the sweet tune formed with the help of a flute. Playing the flute requires a lot of skills, which make the instrument easy to learn, but very difficult to master.

The Tabla

Tabla is one of the most popular musical instruments, which gave birth to a number of new musical instruments which is being used nowadays. Tabla is not that versatile, if it is compared with harmonium, but the significance of Tabla can never be ignored, as it not only helped the creation of a number of beautiful Indian musical titles, but it gave birth to the drum, and a number of other simulators which is being used nowadays. Though playing the newer musical instruments, which has been originated from the Tabla is quite easy, but playing the Tabla is a little difficult, and proper learning is important. Thus, with the help of the Indian musical instruments, India has a very rich culture, which has driven Indian music to the other parts of the world. If you’re looking for all the Indian musical instruments in the UK, Gurusoundz is the best and the most reliable place to purchase them.

The importance of Harmonium and learning it properly

Presently everybody knows about Harmonium, as it is one of the musical instruments, which is used all over the globe. In the old days, it was used in all kind of music, and presently it is only used in traditional music. As far as India is concerned, there are a number of traditional musicians and singers, who are fond of playing and listening to classical music. There are basics of everything, and the same goes for music. The basics of music contain some tones, and if you are willing to learn music, you should definitely know them, and those tones can be best represented with the help of a Harmonium. Thus, for the purpose of learning music, Harmonium plays the most inevitable role.

Buying Harmonium in the UK

If you are from the UK, you can buy Harmonium online from Gurusoundz, which is by far the best store. Harmonium is available in a number of varieties, where a few of them have fixed scales, while others have variable scales, which are based suited for professional singers. If you are going to learn Harmonium or music at the very basic level, Harmonium with fixed scales is the most appropriate musical instrument, which you should go for. But if you are an experienced singer, and is settled in the UK, you can go for a Harmonium shop UK, where you can get scale changing Harmoniums. The prices of skill changing Harmoniums is a little higher than that of normal fixed scale Harmoniums. Though, there are other aspects, which control the price of a Harmonium, which include, the amplitude of the sound, which can also be called the loudness level of the Harmonium.

Learning Harmonium

Learning Harmonium on your own can really be a difficult task, and you really need a teacher for that purpose. Playing a Harmonium requires special techniques, and you should master playing the reeds in a proper manner, such that you can play a music easily, without facing any kind of hassles. The various tools of Harmonium can be taught to you only by a teacher, who has a lot of knowledge related to music and playing a Harmonium. You can find a number of teachers for the Harmonium, as it is one of the most basic and fundamental musical instruments.

Various tutorials

At the time of purchasing Harmonium from a Harmonium shop UK, it is advisable that you purchase some other materials, which can help you to learn the musical instrument properly. Apart from that, you can also find a number of videos online, which can help you to learn Harmonium in the best possible way. In most of the cases, it has seen that, people, who learn Harmonium, learn it in a better way, when the start learning it from the very childhood. Thus, if you are a child, and has interest in music, you should start learning Harmonium from now onwards.

Learning the Bhangra music and playing the Dhol

Bhangra is a kind of music, which is all about joy, and is quite blissful in nature. Due to the immense pleasure of the music genre, Bhangra music is played in a number of popular social events, where the Bhangra Dhol or simply Dhol takes the lead role. Playing the Dhol seems to be easy, but it is actually not that easy, and it needs to learnt from time to time, to brush up the skills, and play various kind of music with the help of the instrument. The Bhangra Dhol is a two sided musical instrument, where the person who plays the instrument should strike on both the ends of the Dhol to play music.

Playing native Indian songs with bhangra music

As far as Bhangra Dhol is concerned, it can be used to play a number of songs and music, which is available all over the world. You can find a number of foreign songs, which are played with the help of the Bhangra Dhol, to add a different flavor to the music. In a similar way, you can also find a number of native Indian songs, which are also played with the help of the Dhol, and making it completely different and highly melodious. Thus, the touch of a bhangra music to any song can magically turn it into a popular song, which will be enjoyed all over the world.

Giving a new touch to the old songs

If you are fascinated about the Bhangra Dhol, and you have the capability to sing a number of music, you can add the flavor of a Bhangra music to your music to make it awesome. You can easily become popular within a very few months, if you use the technique of turning the old songs to new ones, with the help of the Dhol. Apart from playing the dole, it is also important to dance with the beats of bhangra, which will give an extra flavor to the music. Though at the beginning, singing, playing the Dhol, and dancing can be a difficult job, but you can easily grasp the same with a very short period of time.

The best store for Bhangra Dhol

If you’re from UK, you can find Gurusoundz, which is one of the most popular and reliable store for getting all kind of Indian musical instruments. From the same place, you can find Bhangra Dhol, which is available in a number of varieties, and you can also find a number of add-ons to make the Dhol look beautiful. If you are a beginner, and you do not know anything about playing the instrument, you can also find a number of ways to learn Bhangra music and the instrument itself, from the store. If you can find a teacher for learning Bhangra music, it will become easier for you to learn the instrument.

The most popular musical instruments of Harmonium and Flute

Musical instruments are quite important to compose music. As far as Indian musical instruments are concerned, they play an important role in the Asian music, which in turn influenced the world music and culture in some way or the other. Some musical instruments are new, and considered to be boons of technology, but there are many, which has its origin in the historic age from any of the popular Indian musical instruments. But, some hasn’t changed since time immemorial, either because, no new ideas are developed, or the old musical instruments are quite good for modern music, as well.

The Harmonium and Piano

Harmonium is one of the most common musical instruments, which is used in Indian classical music, and is still used as the necessary tool, for learning the rudiments of music. A Harmonium is quite common in all the families of Eastern India, and the reason is, its melody. It can play a number of notes, and that too at multiple frequencies, which is a big reason behind its immense popularity. Piano, which is quite common all over the world, has its origin, from the historic harmoniums. The Harmoniums look quite similar to pianos, but harmoniums are quite big, as they work in a different principle, compared to that of pianos. Pianos work on electricity, while Harmoniums work, by taking the advantage of the ambient air.

The Flute

Another popular instrument, is the flute. Flue is one of the most melodious musical instruments, which is also popular in Indian mythology. The sound produced from flute has a resemblance with the nature, which is another big reason, behind the immense popularity of the instrument. You can find a number of modern Indian music, where a little part of it is played with the help of a flute, and the same goes for various other musical genres, across the country. Flue is made from a wood, and it has some holes on the body. The flute player will have to control the air flow through the flute, by stopping certain holes, which are present in the flute. Similar to Harmonium, flue also require a lot of dedication, in order to play it properly.

Getting the instruments

Thus, Indian musical instruments are quite popular and are really melodious. Apart from Harmonium and Flue, there are a number of other musical instruments, which you can find. A number of such musical instruments are so sporadic, that it is very difficult to find them. If you are looking for such musical instruments in the UK, Gurusoundz is the best place, where you can find them. Apart from getting the musical instruments, you can find a number of CDs and DVDs, which can help you learn more about Indian music, if you are really passionate about it.

Sitar – A remarkable Indian Musical Instrument for creating Melody

The Sitar is the name of a sort of plucked cord musical instrument that’s primarily made use of in Indian classical and Hindustani music. The general belief is that this instrument has got its shape from the Veena, another very old Indian instrument. The origin of its name was setar, a Persian instrument.


The sitar began to flourish through the 16th & 17th before becoming a key element of Indian classical music. Its timber and resonance was the result of its bridge design, a resonance chamber having a gourd shape, sympathetic strings, and a lengthy void neck. It bears resemblance to like Tanpura with the difference being its frets. The 1960s witnessed the introducing of this instrument to the conventional Western music and its enactments by bands such as The Doors, The Rolling Stone, & The Beatles.

The forms of this instrument

The Gayaki form is made from weathered toon wood having less /no carved design on top of it, with a shady polish and an inlay having a mother of pearl replication on top of it. It usually has eleven strings, and occasionally may have thirteen. A different style that is referred to as Jawari Bridge is somewhat unlike with a chunky soundboard.

The sitar of the instrumental style is made from weathered toon wood or occasionally from Burma teak. This style includes complete ornamentation of grape / floral cravings and features colored celluloid inlay pattern.

It’s tuning and playing

This instrument’s tuning is dependent on the player’s school/style, the player’s individual preference and conventions. The playing of this instrument calls for a great deal of practice since a player has to balance this instrument between the right knee and his left foot. The player’s hands stay free as he does not have to use it for carrying the weight of the instrument and the player plucks the string using a mizraab/ metallic plectrum.

Some considerations before buying this instrument

There’re a number of considerations ahead of buying this instrument from a Sitar shop UK and particularly when buying it online. In such a case you have to follow a number of tips ahead of deciding on a piece. Foremost, you require making certain that the piece that you’re purchasing isn’t a fake one. A good number of this instrument that is displayed at a Sitar shop UK /online is traded in from Northern India and are fake pieces. After this, you require making certain about the condition that a particular piece had been lying about and that the piece had not been exposed to an extreme amount of moisture/ heat. Finally, following delivery, you require making certain that you will have no difficulty in checking for the wobbly parts in the piece. The tuners must be in ideal condition and the strings must be of this instrument’s grade.

The impact that this instrument has had on Music is vast. Its impact is not restrained to Indian classics and it has influenced key music of the earth from western music to Arabic music. You will find it everywhere.

Indian music and the various types of instruments

In India, various types of music are played and various types of instruments are also played. Kolkata is considered as the sweetest city in there. People have a deep connection and interest in music so various types of music are played. Different types of music is played and enjoyed.

Tabla- the bone of classical music

Tabla can be considered as one of the most important instrument in Classical music. Table is the oldest form of classical musical instrument and it can be also regarded as the most needed instrument. The instrument is of utmost importance as the instrument has got an amazing music. It is a kind of drum which has two parts from where the music comes out. The instrument is made up of wood and it is a very beautiful instrument. In the Indian musical instrumentsTabla shop uk Tabla plays a very important part.

Veena- a beautiful instrument

Veena is an Indian musical instrument which is of much importance. In many houses veena was mainly taught to the girls and the small kids used to learn the instrument with much interest. The veena is a stringed instrument where the music is very melodious and good. The music that comes out of the instrument is simply wonderful. The veena is a wonderful musical instrument which is made up of the wooden material. The instrument is heavy weighted.

Harmonium- the basic instrument

The harmonium is such an Indian musical instrument that is mostly found in the house of 75% of the people in India. Indian people love music and each and everyone has got a different taste in music. Harmonium is a very good musical instrument to learn the sur and the tals from the basics. The basics if learnt well, then the work becomes easier.

The Shehnai

Shehnai is an amazing musical instrument which is generally used in the Indian marriage ceremonies. Each and every musical instrument that is found in the India has got its own significance. Some instruments have a very soft melodious tone while some have high notes. The shehnai is of utmost importance. In various kinds of ceremonies such as the marriage ceremony Shehnai is mainly used. The tone of the Shehnai is a bit high that entertains people a lot. Shehnai is a wonderful instrument which is light weight and is played by putting one end in front of the mouth. The air is pushed into the instrument is such a manner that the instrument plays the music.
Various kinds of instruments are used for various kinds of purposes. Indian classical music has set a benchmark all over the world. The classical Indian musical instruments are found in Gurusoundz with amazing deals.

Harmonium- the easiest medium of learning music

Harmonium is of much importance. The instrument is played from a very early time. The instrument was mainly played in the Mughal courts and is of much importance. The Mughals always appreciated the music that came from the Harmonium as it can be considered as one of the sweetest musical instrument. The people of Kolkata give great importance to this musical instrument.

Kolkata and Harmonium

Kolkata can be considered as a place where music and Harmonium plays a very important role there, maximum people in Kolkata play the Harmonium from a very early stage. Music is very important to the people in Kolkata and kids also show keen interest in the various types of instruments. It is true that various other instruments also play a very important part in the classical music but it is also true that Harmonium plays a very important part.


The musical instrument plays a very important part in the Classical music and has got several usages too. The harmonium can be considered as the base of the Indian classical music. It is from there that the kids in India also get the interest to learn music. Kids of the age of 5-6 years also learn the Harmonium as it is one of the easiest medium to learn music. If someone wants to gain some knowledge about the sur and the taal then Harmonium can be considered as the most easiest medium through which knowledge about music can be known.

The design of the Harmonium

The design of the harmonium is unique. The instrument is famous all over the world also because of the shape and the structure. The way the musical instrument is made is really awesome. The harmonium is totally made up of the wood. The instrument forms the shape of a wooden box which is of much importance. The box has got some white and black buttons through which the music is played and the music comes out to play. The instrument is generally found in most of the houses in India. The instrument is considered as the base of playing any other instrument.

Availability of Harmonium

The harmonium is such an instrument that it is found mainly in all the homes in India. The instrument is available all over the world. The price of the wonderful instrument is not that high. The harmonium can be easily purchased from the harmonium shop uk were the price is also reasonable. The harmonium can also be bought online from the Buy harmonium online easily. There are several ways through which the harmonium can be bought. The harmonium is the most convenient and easiest ways to learn music. Music played from the Harmonium is very melodious to hear.

A Few Important Points To Consider Before Purchasing A Sitar

Sitar is a musical instrument, which has a number of strings attached to it, and the Sitar player should pluck them in a particular pattern to play music. Sitars have 6 to 7 main strings, and almost 25 secondary strings, and the Sitar player should know the proper way of playing the Sitar by using the strings. Any Sitar player should practice playing the instrument on a regular basis, and should go through the guidelines given by the Guru to become a master of the musical instrument, in the minimum possible time. But, for learning the Sitar, one should purchase a Sitar, and here are a few guidelines, which you should follow, before purchasing a Sitar from any Sitar Shop UK.

Knowing the price

Sitars are generally made in North India, and the price of the Sitars range between $400 and $500. Though, it all depends upon the type of wood, used in the Sitar, music quality, and a number of other aspects. Sitar being an instrument, which plays music utilizing the hollow shape, you should never go for Sitars which are priced less, but offer great quality. If you are a professional, you should always go for Sitars, which are priced around $450 to $500 for the best possible quality, and in case you are a learner, it is better to talk to the Guru, who can recommend the best Sitar for beginners.

Keeping it safe

Sitars are made from wood, and thus, you should always keep them in regions, which are free from fire and moisture. Thus, you should always make a region for your Sitar, such that you do not face any kind of troubles after purchasing a Sitar. Sitar will not play proper sound in case the strings get damaged due to excessive heat, or the wooden body absorbs a lot of moisture. It is always great to keep your Sitar at one corner of your living room, by covering it with a piece of cloth, or keeping the same in a cover, which come with the Sitar.

Understand the quality

You should always play the Sitar before purchasing it. Playing the Sitar will help you understand the quality of it. In case you do not know how to play the Sitar, as you are an entry level Sitar player, it is always advisable that you take the assistance of some professionals to understand the quality of sound. You can also take the assistance of your Guru in the aspect. You should also check whether the strings are tight enough for playing the same properly. You can get many Sitar Shop UK, and one of the best stores is Gurusoundz, who are in the business for long, and you will always get good quality from them.

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